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picture of inhaler in useIt happens every year at about this time of the year I get an attack of asthma. I am getting fed up of it.

Admittedly I don’t seem to suffer now as bad as I did when I was a bit younger. maybe my body is getting to tolerate it more. May I am getting so used to my asthma I don’t notice it as much as I used to do.

But when shopping around I came across a website that seemed to be giving some good advice and thought I should share it with others as well.

This is a abstract from one of its pages I “borrowed” for your info but have a look at the full article yourself.

Asthma Disease and Doctors

Admittedly, asthma is a difficult disease to identify early. It resembles so many other respiratory infections that it becomes difficult to tell them apart. That is why you should not be trying it on your own. Bring your doctor into the picture.

You could be living with asthma without even knowing it. All that coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and so on, they could be asthma manifesting. Don’t spend another night without confirming it. Asthma attack is generally triggered by allergens. These allergens are present in air in forms of dust, pollens/mould or trapped air. Other triggers include concentrated smells, food with high fatty contents and dairy products.

Cold climate may also trigger an asthmatic attack. As an asthma patient, it is essential that you keep yourself warm at all times, regardless of how you feel at any moment. Taking a table spoon of honey before going to bed every winter and keeping warm will help prevent asthmatic attack.

It is important to have your lung capacity tested from time to time. This is one of the critical means by which they could diagnose you for asthma, or not. You don’t want to pass up on the chance.

When you have asthma, you want to pay attention to everything that the doctor orders. That could very easily be what saves your life from complications of the disease, or from attacks that attack so incessantly and without warning. Disregarding an instruction could very well be the end of you, so you need to be advised.

Seeing as you are not the asthma pro, you might want to take a chill pill on your suggestions and suppositions. It is tough enough doing their job; you don’t want to make things harder for your specialist than they totally need to be.

Anyway have a have a quick look website and let me know what you think

8628A88A4F3BD153BEE56236DE93B5_h366_w650_m6_lfalseI wrote about my asthma medications problem a few weeks ago but felt tempted to come back and say a bit more about what I believe. Yes, I was reading another article and was getting annoyed with it so referred back to my trusted asthma website to calm me down again. I was then able to rattle off these thoughts to get the misleading stuff out of my system.

As someone who has been hospitalised through these issues I still get annoyed when I read issues in the media which says asthma medications are a purely mental imagery problem.

I don’t believe in the just ignore it and it will go away. Political leaders tried that with world poverty for too many years and too many people died of starvation because of it.  Asthma problems just like aids and world poverty will not vanish if you bury your head in the sand. (I am not trying to suggest asthma medications problems are on the same level as these other two problems just comparing the thoughts between them.

Asthma Medications And Medical Professions

There are lots of asthma medications you could take to treat asthma; some are even sold over the counter in several Chemists or herbal stores. However, I strongly urge that you seek a doctor’s opinion first before you go ahead. Your condition may be worse, or may not warrant that particular treatment, or you may have an adverse reaction to it.

You cannot be too careful with Asthma Medications.

There are lots of people suffering from asthma around you; you can learn from them. You don’t have to sit back and wait until something nasty happens to you before you begin to pay attention. It simply is the best way to take care of the disease.

The use of natural asthma medications to prevent asthma attacks has been widespread for lots of years. In as much as these methods are effective, it should be carried out with the appropriate supervision of your doctor. Proper devotion to your doctor’s advice will be your best bet in controlling your asthmatic condition.You should have an annual medical checkup; it is almost the only way to catch on to asthma on time. You know, if you are able to catch the condition before it gets complicated, you could actually still make it go away. What do you day?

Do not be deceived, there isn’t a 100% guaranteed cure for asthma just yet. There are lots of asthma medications that can make it look like you don’t suffer, but you can’t always believe that any one can definitely heal you.

Please, don’t take them for granted. To avoid asthma attack triggers, it is advisable to always take a walk around the home after eating. This will help aid the meal’s digestion, for there is a noticed difference in the digestion rate of asthmatic people. In other words, help yourself to help yourself.  I have to admit this seemed strange advice to read about but I found it beneficial.

All right, once you get an asthma diagnosis, it may affect you for the rest of your life for sure. However, you can be treated so that you look like you don’t even suffer at all. I think you should take the treatment.

An asthmatic attack can be one of the most frightening events that can happen to either a kid or an adult. But retaining composure and not panicking is a giant step in getting over asthma attack. When you remain calm during an attack, you will not aggravate the severity of the attack and all medication received afterwards will take full effect.


I am thinking through my own thoughts on commercial cleaning service companies here particularly as I used to appoint the cleaning company we used for all our offices across Scotland.

Most of us know that a newly cleaned and fresh smelling business environment will make us feel better about coming to work. Well maybe you may not want to break out into a song and dance around the room but it will make it feel better than coming into a place where the existing commercial cleaning company staff are not doing a very good job, won’t it?

A clean working environment is an important issue to many of your staff members. More than 10% of those interviewed in one BICSc survey said they had deliberately not performed well in a job interview because they did not like the office environment.

I even take cleanliness and appearance into account everywhere I go and I did that even before I got the job of selecting our office commercial cleaning service company. After having that job for some time I realized I was not only checking for dust on ledges and above doorways in the office but I even did that at a friend’s house. We did have a laugh about it when he saw me. (His wife was not laughing so easily!)

Some of your customers will visit your office workplace on a regular basis. We all know the saying first impressions count, don’t we?

Let’s face it, it is relatively easy for your workplace environment to get dirty on a daily basis. You will have people walking in and out of the building all day long. It has been shown that the bulk of dust and dirt comes into your average building on shoes. The second most common dust generators would be open doors, windows and air ventilation systems. Printers and photocopiers are also large dust generators in most modern offices due to very small ink particles and electrostatic generation

It does not really matter whether you have only a few employees or hundreds of employees in a building you will still have a need for commercial cleaning services. The more staff you have the more footfall the more dirt and dust can find it’s way into your building. I would also go further and say that the need is not just for a cleaner but a properly supervised and professionally trained commercial cleaner.

Appointing a Commercial Cleaning Service Company

If you do a search you will find commercial cleaning service on the web.This would be your first starting point to find a commercial cleaning service in Scotland.

Some quick issues to be aware of however before asking any commercial cleaning service company to take on the cleaning responsibility for your office environment.

There is no legal reason why any commercial cleaning service companies join their professional bodies but it helps demonstrate that the management/owners are interested in maintaining high standards by keeping up to date.

  • Are you speaking to a professional salesperson? The area manager who has to maintain the standards afterwards will be a little more cautious as they will not want too many headaches to cope with.

This is a big issue with the national franchise commercial cleaning companies. They recruit salespeople to get the contract and hand over to a new person coming into the cleaning business who may not be fully experienced or trained. In addition they may not have the promised support.

  • Do you believe the person really understands the standards you need in each area? Maybe you want some areas such as reception treated as a priority and cleaned thoroughly each night. Other areas may only need to be cleaned once a week. Do they understand your needs?
  • Have they included arrangements for continuous assessment inspections as part of the contract?
  • Who will do them?

This should include a monthly meeting with you to check out how happy you are overall or to establish whether your needs are changing as well as adhoc visits at other times to ensure cleaning standards are being maintained.

It is their job to ensure standards. That is why you are employing them to do your cleaning. Failure to carry out regular thorough inspections means they are expecting you to let them sit back and do nothing whilst you do their cleaning standards inspection for them.

That would boil it down to a small enough number of cleaning companies to ensure you can get a good quality clean.

From experience I found Aberdeen Office Cleaning to be both professional and caring in their approach to the cleaning task. Their cleaning staff were trained with an induction to each building they worked in. Now that was something that really surprised me. To be honest I had not even thought about the implications of  cleaning staff not being inducted into each separate building until I had thought it through.

To find out more about them click here