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Conserving Cash On The Expenses Of Running A Car

Just as important as a car service cost is the increasing fuel costs. These clearly have a significant influence on running expenses. Why pass by a smaller sized more fuel effective automobile or maybe switch to a diesel design?

Whenever possible fill your tank at the main supermarket stores which typically provide lower fuel rates. However some reports online have suggested that the quality of the petrol is lower than the main brands.  A rumor which the big supermarkets deny.  This could then have a knock on effect on the cost of your car servicing. This include replacement frequency of your catalyst convertor.

Buying and maintaining your car

All of us understand that running a vehicle is pricey. However how commonly do we exercise precisely what we are investing? When purchasing a brand-new vehicle, there are methods to lower expenses on your existing car and aspects to think about.

Car Service Expenses.

Did you know? If your local garage uses properly trained car mechanics to service your car it will not adversely affect your warranty.  That  is true only if they use your car manufacturer’s recommended parts and oils etc. Using a local garage rather than a main dealer for your car service can save you lots of money.

Maintenance expenses will certainly differ according to the age of the automobile. If your automobile is less than 3 years old you are most likely to pay more. It stands to reason that a new car will have less wear and tear so should need less replacement.  However that will also depend on how the car has been used since first purchase. Also whether the car service has been carried out thoroughly on a regular basis.

I tend to always buy one year old cars as the initial deprecation has already happened so are far cheaper. However I will take the time to check the car service history properly. I don’t rely on what the salesman tells me. I then take it to a local car service garage in Ellon I know and trust implicitly. Scott the owner is not just the chief mechanic but also a former car rally driver and motorcycle enthusiast. He knows the value of keeping a car in first class condition for safety reasons.

Car Insurance Premiums

The insurance coverage quote will certainly differ according to the type of vehicle, your postcode and the driver’s age. We all know how age can affect insurance costs drastically with young (inexperienced) drivers being charged a lot higher.  I recently moved from Aberdeen (the third largest city in Scotland) to Ellon. This is  a rural town around 30 miles away but still in the Aberdeenshire area. My premium fell 25% but the car insurance company then charged an outrageous administrative charge for change of address. Win some lose some I guess. But next year I really do save.

Last years best value car insurance service provider may not mean that is still best at renewal. Millions of individuals still routinely restore with their existing company without shopping around and lose cash unnecessarily. Go to the large insurance compassion sites such as and to get the cheapest rates. But be warned.  You can find the prices are not the same on both sites. To get the best car insurance service comparison rates for your insurance you need to check both of them.

Car Depreciation

If you plan to keep your vehicle for a prolonged duration then depreciation will certainly not be a significant concern. If you change your vehicle frequently consider paying a little additional money for a car with a greater resale value.  Brand new cars tend to lose their value most rapidly as you drive it out of the showroom. It might just be worth 1/3 of their purchase rate after 3 years.

Vehicle dealerships will certainly attempt to offer you their finance plan.  However this might not be the best option for you. Car salesmen are trained to do this. They will definitely put the pressure on to accept their car dealership finance service plans. When I worked for PC World it was clear that managers needed to sell  the service warranty on finance. This is rated far more important than the computer sale. The company made far more profit on the warranty service than it did on the computer sale. It is the same with competition in the car industry forcing down the price of of cars.  So they need to make the service warranty profits.

Office Cleaning In Aberdeen Scotland

Every office cleaning in Aberdeen job has different cleaning requirements. We know that. So our hours of work along with the frequency of cleans are customized to fit your business.

My team at Aberdeen Office Cleaning Solutions are based in central Aberdeen. However, we have been providing businesses throughout Aberdeenshire.with professional, flexible cleaning services. Every one of the services we provide is customised to match your requirements.

For example:-

Most of our office cleaning in Aberdeen customers want every office cleaned every day.  However, we have a couple of companies who want us to clean some rooms just once a month. They are storage archive cupboard that gets little use so consequently do not need daily cleaning.

We have a restaurant that wants us to complete a specialised kitchen vent duct clean once a month. Their insurance policy requires that this be done to a high standard and full compliance with fire safety regulations. We even give them a certificate of completion with photos of work being done for their records.  The latter point is not strictly necessary. But we do it so there can be no dispute with their insurance company in the event of a fire.

Our cleaning teams have developed a strong credibility for providing office cleaning solutions to offices of all different sizes. We understand the significance a neat and clean workplace carries personal moral, performance. In addition, it produces a favorable impression on office visitors. Our group of hard working, trustworthy and professional cleaners offer an extraordinary service. Many of them have a real concentration of attention to detail and providing companies with a remarkably clean workplace.

Our Workplace Cleaning Solutions Include:

Initial Cleans also called builders cleans or even construction cleans.

Our customers like us doing this before they are moving into their new offices or after builders work are completed. Sometimes it is paid by the builder. They are keen to see the work is completed to a customer’s satisfaction straight away. In many cases, we are contracted by the person moving in who wants a full sparkle clean.

Daily Office Cleaning.

Office Cleaning in Aberdeen is our main bread and butter type of work. Essentially we agree with you the standard and frequency of cleans and we then draw up a training schedule. The latter point is usually overlooked by many of our competitors. However, we train all our staff for each individual cleaning contract. We need to know our cleaners understand all your special need points. For example, we recently started a new cleaning contract where one member of staff had severe allergies and we needed to source cleaning chemicals that would not affect her.

An office cleaning in Aberdeen contract will usually include most of the following pointers.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Telephone Sanitising
  • Toilets and Washroom Areas
  • Window Cleaning

Janitorial Supplies.  

We can also provide you with extras you will need. We are regularly going into each of these areas so we ensure that you never run out of stock. For example

  • Paper towels for the kitchen
  • Toilet rolls
  • Hand soaps
  • Dishwashing liquid or tablets for machines.
  • Women s sanitary bins etc

Health and Safety Training for cleaning staff.

Again most of our competitors do not provide this essential training for all staff. It needs to be done whenever they move into a new cleaning contract.  Not that long ago we took over an office cleaning contract from another office cleaning in Aberdeen company.  We were shocked to find that the existing cleaners did not even know about a fire escape door.

Want to know more about our cleaning services simply click here.

I wanted to let you know about an old friend of mine who has at long last launched his first Glasgow Buffet website.  And about time too I have been nagging him for years but he was always too busy to make a start on it.  Too busy making money from existing customers is the way he put it. And every time I spoke to him he seemed to be run off his feet so he was obviously successful in his own way.

layout food buffetHowever a couple of months ago he took on an extra chef manager who had previously been employed by a competitor who did have their own website and convinced my mate to develop a new site.  My mate is an old school guy so don’t expect the site to be all flashy and fill you with wonder every time you look at it.

Anyway I have used his services a few times over the last four or five years (well every-time our company was putting on an event in the Glasgow region about three/four times year). We used them for  our corporate buffet events inviting prospective customers to one of our presentations and everything was first class.

But before I tell you about how good he is I want to tell you about a competitor that was offering buffets direct in Glasgow.  Looking back it makes me smile but at the time we were absolutely furious about it.  We had ordered a corporate buffet menu with red and white wines for around two hundred people. This was a major seminar which would have produced – if successful- a very profitable event leading to a few thousand extra pounds every month in our turnover and we really wanted to put on a big show for our potential customers.

What turned up however was a what was described as a funeral buffet tea with a few very basic sandwiches and a couple of flasks of tea and coffee.  It looked to me as through they had gone down to Tesco and bought half a dozen sandwiches and then rearranged them on a plastic silver platter.

I kid you not!

Those of you that know me will realise I never use naughty swear words but those standing close to me that day when I walked into the room must have thought i was about to explode and were probably starting to look for a bomb shelter. Again looking back they almost needed it.

I had been presenting one of the seminar sessions just before lunch so could not supervise the arrival to see everything was okay.

But seriously we were able to pull it off by making a joke about this buffet menu would be all our competitors would be able to afford now we were moving into Glasgow big-time. We then explained what had really happened and how our caterers had tried their best to spoil the day but our attendees would have something to unique to remember us by. In the mean time I had someone else making phone calls and an hour later we were able to take them for a meal in the hotel restaurant next door.

If you want a buffet in Glasgow that people remember for all the right reasons I really do recommend my mate who stepped in that day and saved our bacon (and chicken legs etc).

One of my neighbours and close friends recently and said he wanted to talk to me in confidence. I knew he had been going though a rough time over recent months after losing his well paid job and having to accept a much lower grade in another company.

Obviously I can’t refer to him and his personal problems too closely but the following article was written around what he told me and my own knowledge of things I had studied in the post when I worked very briefly in the banking sector.

Credit Repair Done Wrongly

After having taken several loans in your past, you may have amassed yourself a bad credit score at this time. You may not know it, but if you don’t repair your credit, you may never again be able to get credit from any financial institution again.

can't take any more debt

Getting the loans is easy, but servicing them is something else entirely. Before long, a lot of folks find that they are out in very uncomfortable waters before long. But credit repair is possible for the right price. As such, they are not too far out of luck.

If you cannot afford the cost of a credit repair service, you should learn to do it yourself.  Goodness, of course it is possible! Except that it is going to take some effort on your own. The first step will be deciding where you are going with the initiative, and the second will be to follow it through. It is no tougher than that.

Whatever a credit repair company can get you, you can get for yourself. Don’t go thinking is it a walk in the park as a result of this knowledge, though. What it means to you is that you have work to do researching how you are going to make it happen. But once you have set your mind to it, you will be able to find the right information and do it the right way.

At any stage you are in life right now, it will do you a lot of good to take a look at your credit status. If you find that it is not what it should be, you should contact some kind of credit repair service sooner than later. Bad credit is always bad for business.

If you need to do some credit repair, a credit repair service with a history of impeccable service delivery is definitely your best option. It would be a shame in your eagerness to saddle in with some firm that is only looking to take advantage of you. That is worse even than a bad credit report.

The service of credit repair is something that more people need than they are willing to admit. But admit it or not, the truth is the truth, and living in denial is only going to make things that much worse for them. And until they step up to fixing their credit score, there is only so much they will be able to achieve with their credit score.

Obviously you can see I wrote the above in this way so my friend would be completely anonymous and did not relate to him too closely. However credit repair is something that needs to be treated carefully.