Nov 12

Glasgow Buffet Services

I wanted to let you know about an old friend of mine who has at long last launched his first Glasgow Buffet website.  And about time too I have been nagging him for years but he was always too busy to make a start on it.  Too busy making money from existing customers is the way he put it. And every time I spoke to him he seemed to be run off his feet so he was obviously successful in his own way.

layout food buffetHowever a couple of months ago he took on an extra chef manager who had previously been employed by a competitor who did have their own website and convinced my mate to develop a new site.  My mate is an old school guy so don’t expect the site to be all flashy and fill you with wonder every time you look at it.

Anyway I have used his services a few times over the last four or five years (well every-time our company was putting on an event in the Glasgow region about three/four times year). We used them for  our corporate buffet events inviting prospective customers to one of our presentations and everything was first class.

But before I tell you about how good he is I want to tell you about a competitor that was offering buffets direct in Glasgow.  Looking back it makes me smile but at the time we were absolutely furious about it.  We had ordered a corporate buffet menu with red and white wines for around two hundred people. This was a major seminar which would have produced – if successful- a very profitable event leading to a few thousand extra pounds every month in our turnover and we really wanted to put on a big show for our potential customers.

What turned up however was a what was described as a funeral buffet tea with a few very basic sandwiches and a couple of flasks of tea and coffee.  It looked to me as through they had gone down to Tesco and bought half a dozen sandwiches and then rearranged them on a plastic silver platter.

I kid you not!

Those of you that know me will realise I never use naughty swear words but those standing close to me that day when I walked into the room must have thought i was about to explode and were probably starting to look for a bomb shelter. Again looking back they almost needed it.

I had been presenting one of the seminar sessions just before lunch so could not supervise the arrival to see everything was okay.

But seriously we were able to pull it off by making a joke about this buffet menu would be all our competitors would be able to afford now we were moving into Glasgow big-time. We then explained what had really happened and how our caterers had tried their best to spoil the day but our attendees would have something to unique to remember us by. In the mean time I had someone else making phone calls and an hour later we were able to take them for a meal in the hotel restaurant next door.

If you want a buffet in Glasgow that people remember for all the right reasons I really do recommend my mate who stepped in that day and saved our bacon (and chicken legs etc).

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