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Keeping The Cost Of Car Service Low

Conserving Cash On The Expenses Of Running A Car

Just as important as a car service cost is the increasing fuel costs. These clearly have a significant influence on running expenses. Why pass by a smaller sized more fuel effective automobile or maybe switch to a diesel design?

Whenever possible fill your tank at the main supermarket stores which typically provide lower fuel rates. However some reports online have suggested that the quality of the petrol is lower than the main brands.  A rumor which the big supermarkets deny.  This could then have a knock on effect on the cost of your car servicing. This include replacement frequency of your catalyst convertor.

Buying and maintaining your car

All of us understand that running a vehicle is pricey. However how commonly do we exercise precisely what we are investing? When purchasing a brand-new vehicle, there are methods to lower expenses on your existing car and aspects to think about.

Car Service Expenses.

Did you know? If your local garage uses properly trained car mechanics to service your car it will not adversely affect your warranty.  That  is true only if they use your car manufacturer’s recommended parts and oils etc. Using a local garage rather than a main dealer for your car service can save you lots of money.

Maintenance expenses will certainly differ according to the age of the automobile. If your automobile is less than 3 years old you are most likely to pay more. It stands to reason that a new car will have less wear and tear so should need less replacement.  However that will also depend on how the car has been used since first purchase. Also whether the car service has been carried out thoroughly on a regular basis.

I tend to always buy one year old cars as the initial deprecation has already happened so are far cheaper. However I will take the time to check the car service history properly. I don’t rely on what the salesman tells me. I then take it to a local car service garage in Ellon I know and trust implicitly. Scott the owner is not just the chief mechanic but also a former car rally driver and motorcycle enthusiast. He knows the value of keeping a car in first class condition for safety reasons.

Car Insurance Premiums

The insurance coverage quote will certainly differ according to the type of vehicle, your postcode and the driver’s age. We all know how age can affect insurance costs drastically with young (inexperienced) drivers being charged a lot higher.  I recently moved from Aberdeen (the third largest city in Scotland) to Ellon. This is  a rural town around 30 miles away but still in the Aberdeenshire area. My premium fell 25% but the car insurance company then charged an outrageous administrative charge for change of address. Win some lose some I guess. But next year I really do save.

Last years best value car insurance service provider may not mean that is still best at renewal. Millions of individuals still routinely restore with their existing company without shopping around and lose cash unnecessarily. Go to the large insurance compassion sites such as CompareTheMarket.com and Confused.com to get the cheapest rates. But be warned.  You can find the prices are not the same on both sites. To get the best car insurance service comparison rates for your insurance you need to check both of them.

Car Depreciation

If you plan to keep your vehicle for a prolonged duration then depreciation will certainly not be a significant concern. If you change your vehicle frequently consider paying a little additional money for a car with a greater resale value.  Brand new cars tend to lose their value most rapidly as you drive it out of the showroom. It might just be worth 1/3 of their purchase rate after 3 years.

Vehicle dealerships will certainly attempt to offer you their finance plan.  However this might not be the best option for you. Car salesmen are trained to do this. They will definitely put the pressure on to accept their car dealership finance service plans. When I worked for PC World it was clear that managers needed to sell  the service warranty on finance. This is rated far more important than the computer sale. The company made far more profit on the warranty service than it did on the computer sale. It is the same with competition in the car industry forcing down the price of of cars.  So they need to make the service warranty profits.

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